Saturday, March 19, 2005

random pics

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

hari ini dalam sejarah

1. My Reverend bass is in the good hands of Adrian over in Tex. Can't wait till July to have my first play on it.
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2. My car is sitting in primer in a body shop somewhere. Should be out this weekend. Yay.
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3. A random keling in Kajang realises he's developing a tondee at the age of 23. Panic sets in and he resolves to do situps. And hang the beer. Might as well not call himself a keling.

4. On Sunday I had a record high 18 visitors to this page.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

running basslines

yeh yeh... My Reverend bass guitar is built and on the road to Adrian in Texas who'll bring it back to me. Gotta love the UPS tracking system.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

payback time

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And so I did get my money back, though not the amount I wanted to get off him. In that sense, he won on attrition. Myself suffering a recurrance of Kryptonite Fever and lacking the mental energy for another long drawn out battle.

Off topic, my cousin Ben sent me this . No, Ben it's NOT a sign of things to come. I'll never, never drive a Honda. And please lah, I'm much better looking. Sto0pid Asians.

mafia mode: on

I thought the foo' who reversed into my car had gone into hiding after delaying settlement for the past 2.5 weeks. It seemed that he'd even cut his mobile line. As such I'd decided to be gangsta in order to get my fair compensation. After all, every time I play Mr. Nice Guy I invariably get my head stepped on. Having mobilised the forces of darkness, I called one last time and he picks up my call.

I don't like myself when I'm on the warpath really. I'm a quiet, peace-loving guy. Evil yes, but quiet and peace-loving. Never seen me administer the bamboo before, have you? Pray you don't.

I'm getting my money back.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kryptonite fever

In Superboy #165, little Clark was exposed for the first time to Kryptonite, resulting in the condition known as Kryptonite fever. We now know of 5 major types of Kryptonite detailed below.

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I came down with a case of Kryptonite fever on friday evening, the symptoms of which include nausea, a headache that feels like a rock bouncing around in my skull, chills, and an ambient feeling in my tummy. This condition is caused by a 6th and newly discovered form of Kryptonite known now as Stupidity Kryptonite.

It does not have a physical state, but its' radiation is exuded by Account Servicing staff. Account Directors exude the most severe form of this debilitating radiation, in particular those from East Malaysia whom we name "Sumpit".

Uphamol brings temporary relief, enough for me to post this article. So beware, all of you. Peace out.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Work work

My song for the day and what should arguably be the anthem at Friends Advertising.
My colleagues agree.

Kam Sze Kwan Foh..........

Ngo tei lee pan tah kong chai
Yat sang yat sai wai chin pai , choe low tai
Koh chong san foo chit thor kong chut hak kwai , sei pei lei thai
Mai wah mou mat saw wai (Theng sam theng
fai , hai mang tou yau ngan thai
Kat lam poh , sai yong tor , ying chan fei sheong hoe kwai)
Ngo tei lee pan tah kong chai (Wai chor wan leong chan)
Yat sang yat sai wai chin pai , choe low tai (Kau tou ngoh kom chan)
Koh chong san foo chit thor
kong chut hak kwai , sei pei lei thai
Mai wah mou mat saw wai (Theng sam theng fai , hai mang tou yau ngan thai
Kat lam poh , sai yong tor , ying chan fei sheong hoe kwai)

Chek lok hoi yeh hoi tou chow san pei
Yat yeh wan chin phok tou ngo fei
Hei , sam kei , wai chor , yew seng kong
Fan tou ngo seng nga shein em hung (aha)
Wan leong chan , tou wee kom lan
Thim kai lee koh sai kai pin tou kom kwai sei fan
Lei man ngo , ngo man pin kor , woh ,
Ngo tei lee pan tah kong chai ke meng mai kam loh
Kau thim tou em thim , yau chiu chou tou mann,
Tong kai , yit ku lei em low , ying chan poke kai
Kam see kam yat , yee keng em hai hoe chi kau pai ,
Kau sap nin toi yan hai sek kong , lei yau mou chin sai
Theng sam teng fai , hai mang tou yau ngan thai
Kat lam poh , sai yong tor , ying chan fei sheong hoe kwai
Choei pai , chut tou yit leong lei tou yew han , han kam lei sai
Kom san foo phok meng chow hai yan whai , wan leong chan mai

Yat lin , sam pak loke sap em yat
Sing kei yat , chou tou lai pai yad , wai mut ?
Yau chiew chou tou hak , chou lei chou hoi tak koh kat
Wan kat , ngo hou seong chee tou
Lei chee em chee tou hoi sam fai lork whee em whee hai thei khau
Lei tei em sai pong sau , yee kah tit yau chin chai
Chan hai hoe sek heong sau , em sai chou
Em sai yaue chee yin chong yau chin sau
Kau tou ngo tei lee pan foh kei mou tak hou thau
Tou toa lee koh see how cheng sat pei lei tai kah thai
Ngo ke know lek kah seong ngo ke seng kong
Kam kok tou ngo yat teng chou tak tou

Pun kan pat leong , chou tou chek chik kam ke yeong
Pun kan pat leong , sap sui phow cheong thim wui heong
Pun kan pat leong , kaow keong-nga char chiong chau hoi cheeong
Chut chor pun kan lek , seong wah loh fhan chuk pat leong
Kah chan ngok wan saek , pin yau pun kan pat leong kam lei seong
Choi choeing (4x)

Chee chong , yat kau kau sap lok lin
Ngo chau hoi cheei chut lei phow chour chok chok yat nin
Yee kaour choi hai kai choke hai kam ngo man lei ngo ying kaoi thim sien
Man yat phei pan pang yau kin tou , ngo mai hou kwai mou min (uh)
Ngo , thong ngo chee kee wah koh
chong kam yee hau hoi chee chei kee kwoi peen
Chut chor leong yan kong chee hai tak fan chat pak kei mhan
Tan hai mui man chou tou pun yeh sam kan
Phouw sek phouw cheie
Phak koh , kau toh ngo chau san mou mut tak han
Choew tou seng chek kaow kam tou hai wai chor leong chan
Chan (4x)