Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Feasting off the govt's tenders

In the midst of all the hoo-haa about the escalating costs of living, and the government's promises to improve public transport and bust corruption, Samy Vellu announces that the govt might increase the value of its tenders to project contractors to offset the higher operational costs.
Talk about politicians who've overstayed their welcome.

What booshaka. Everyone who's ever done business with the govt knows that a govt job is a major cash cow. EVERYBODY wants to cop a govt contract and get rich. I know because I've worked on some govt jobs myself, but no I'm not rich. I blame my boss for that.

When you do a government job, you first take 50% of the contract value and put it in your pocket. About 20% will go into actually completing the job and 30% goes into various pay-offs.
Wazzzupp G? What say you take some of our precious petrol money and actually DO something useful with it?

Muttley... DoOooOo Something!!
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At March 11, 2006 at 1:58 AM, Anonymous saru-kun said...

You don't exactly seem to be taking the petrol price hike very well...



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