Wednesday, December 15, 2004

non sequitur

My shoes are smelly because my slippers are broken.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

deconstructing carnival grounds

A little boy stands and watches from a distance as the lights go out on the once sparkling carousel. With a tear in his eye ends the cheerful tune. Ends the laughter. Ends the bliss. The carnival is leaving town. Maybe my life's been a ball till now but that's all about to change. Party's over, life starts here.

What a weekend. For one, the creative director in my agency has quit. My thoughts selfishly drift a couple of months into the future.

  • What if the new CD turns out to be an ass/random primate?
  • Who's gonna stick up for us creative dudes?
  • Who'll provide the intelligence?

Given my way, I'd want him to stay. But he says he's taken care of everything. Well, I said nothing. He deserves his 1 year sabbatical anyway. Selfish thoughts creep back in.

  • The studio gonna be a pretty boring joint.
  • Less one chill-out partner.
  • Less one diss-random-colleagues partner

Anyway, here's to you, B. Have a severely chilled out year ahead filled with alco and perhaps secret herbs. And get yourself a chick. Japanese.

In the course of the weekend I've also realised that my best homies from when chicks were unobtanium are no longer on my flight path. I guess I knew before but it's never hit me. Alcohol, fags and I dunno... questionable morals were never part of the picture during those wonder years.

Then again who am I to judge. At times I feel I'm the worst of sinners. But at least I'm trying.

I feel deserted. Sad, yes. And mildly disgusted that they've given up when I haven't.

The road is tough enough as it is, but dammit going it alone is something else. I know Jesus has my back covered, but it sure helps to have peeps with skin, bones and fatz to keep me going.

What a weekend of downs. At least I concluded it with black pepper venison rice. I think it should be the official after-badminton meal.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

81.4 seconds isn't all bad

Participated in the Street Shootout 4 Time Attack last weekend. Did a best time of 81.4 seconds which is half-respectable. Was actually aiming for 80 flat but I kinda missed out :(

So that's a mid table finish in my class, and 22nd overall puts me in the top half. At least I finished ahead of the Honda and the turbo Protons in my group.

Anyway, for the first time I have managed to complete an event without breaking my car which is an achievement in itself.

Looking forward to this weekend's BF Goodrich Gforce challenge. They provide the car, I provide the driver. With international competitors this time it'll be tough, but a good learning experience.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

the dutch oven

What's that? Look here and here

Basically, if anything's inexplicable, different or just plain wrong you can blame it on the Dutch.


Ayam Belanda

Durian Belanda

Random cussings...

  1. The Group Accounts Director/Strategic Planner in my office shall hence forth be known as "van der Dorc"
  2. I hate mornings. I have no sensory perception whatsoever. I might as well be a paramecium. It looks like a slipper. Or maybe a clog.
  3. My car is an original JDM import. I suspect it was manufactured in Holland. In a wind powered factory.