Sunday, December 12, 2004

deconstructing carnival grounds

A little boy stands and watches from a distance as the lights go out on the once sparkling carousel. With a tear in his eye ends the cheerful tune. Ends the laughter. Ends the bliss. The carnival is leaving town. Maybe my life's been a ball till now but that's all about to change. Party's over, life starts here.

What a weekend. For one, the creative director in my agency has quit. My thoughts selfishly drift a couple of months into the future.

  • What if the new CD turns out to be an ass/random primate?
  • Who's gonna stick up for us creative dudes?
  • Who'll provide the intelligence?

Given my way, I'd want him to stay. But he says he's taken care of everything. Well, I said nothing. He deserves his 1 year sabbatical anyway. Selfish thoughts creep back in.

  • The studio gonna be a pretty boring joint.
  • Less one chill-out partner.
  • Less one diss-random-colleagues partner

Anyway, here's to you, B. Have a severely chilled out year ahead filled with alco and perhaps secret herbs. And get yourself a chick. Japanese.

In the course of the weekend I've also realised that my best homies from when chicks were unobtanium are no longer on my flight path. I guess I knew before but it's never hit me. Alcohol, fags and I dunno... questionable morals were never part of the picture during those wonder years.

Then again who am I to judge. At times I feel I'm the worst of sinners. But at least I'm trying.

I feel deserted. Sad, yes. And mildly disgusted that they've given up when I haven't.

The road is tough enough as it is, but dammit going it alone is something else. I know Jesus has my back covered, but it sure helps to have peeps with skin, bones and fatz to keep me going.

What a weekend of downs. At least I concluded it with black pepper venison rice. I think it should be the official after-badminton meal.


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