Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Who throws the spanner?

The past 2-3 weeks have been about getting a new clutchset put into my car. I thought it would take a week give or take a couple of days. I thought it would be a smoothly orchestrated plan. In the end it took 2 weeks with many spanners thrown in. Grrr...

Anyway, the plan was:
Sunday: Send car to mechanic. Drop the gearbox and pack up the clutch.
Monday: Poslaju the clutch to ipoh.
Tuesday: Modification starts on clutchset
Thursday: Modificatoins done
Friday: Poslaju back to mechanic
Saturday: Re-install everything
Sunday: Drive!

1. Lock nuts discovered missing. Wheels couldn't come off the car. How to start work? Add 2 days
2. Thought postage to ipoh would be about RM50 both ways. Turned out RM90.
3. Wanted to manufacture new nylon bushings for the gear linkage. Forgot to bring a simple bolt for sample. Wasted 1 afternoon.
4. Sometimes mechanic lazy, dun wanna do work. More time wasted.
5. Finally put everything in, car wouldn't start. Bah... went to off to attend college group meeting while leaving mechanic to sort the problem.

Eventually got the car back 2 weeks later. It feels like a million bucks so I guess the wait was worth it. :)

Lessons learnt:
1. Who needs an expensive Exedy Racing clutch (RM1200) when a made in Ipoh Kian Leong RM450 clutch will do the job just as well? Malaysia Boleh.
2. How to DIY a short shifter. Done for free. Very satisfying. As seen in the pic: Still smoking from the welds.

3. Don't lose your lock nuts.


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