Thursday, September 30, 2004

reinventing the 6 step

1Warming the floor
2Getting into the groove
3Laying down the moves
4You wanna battle?
5You must be crazy
7Old skool is kool

Gettin' down with the 6step downrock old skool style

1Lift your right hand, and move your left where your hand used to be.
2Move your right leg forward so your knees are close, but keep your left leg where it is.
3Pull your left leg in as your right leg stays where it is.
4Swing your right leg in a WIDE arc kinda like how peeps do that coffee grinder thing Switch hands, so now you're right hand is down, left hand up. Keep your right leg swinging around.
5Your right leg swings around and wraps around your left. You have your face down and both hands on the floor. Extend your left leg first, then your right leg. This is important to making it look right.
6Now you're in the starting position, continue with step 1


At September 30, 2004 at 3:11 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Man, you guys look like you're having a really fun gay! LoL! :P


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