Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Got the balls for it?
Went to the driving range today to hit some balls with PK and Erik. Needless to say I made a spectacle of myself sending shots in every direction but the one intended. At least I managed to kai 100 yards on my first and last drive. Might as well do something I've not done before, so I thought. I never really liked clubbing anyway and sports involving small balls never seemed to agree with me. Now put those two together..........

Actually I think it's more of ball-to-court ratio than anything else. The bigger the ball relative to the court, the higher my proficiency.

1. Golf - very small ball, huge playing area = not good
2. Tennis - rather small ball, rather large playing area = not good
3. Table tennis - very small ball, very small playing area = not that bad
4. Basketball - rather large ball, not that large court = reasonable

As for me, I'll go large. Got the balls for it?


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