Wednesday, October 06, 2004

peristaltic wars

1. Wootz constipation?
In general, we say a person is constipated when he or she is experiencing discomfort as a result of infrequent, irregular or difficult shit. In terms of frequency, what constitutes normal differs greatly from person to person: it may mean as many as 3 shits a day or as few as 3 or 4 shits a week. That is why healthcare providers often rely on a person's report of the uncomfortable effects of constipation — such as bloating, excessive gas, straining and even pain due to hard, dry shit — as the best indicator that he or she is really experiencing constipation. Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States.

2. Why does it happen?
Given our busy lifestyles, it's not surprising that constipation affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Often constipation is simply the result of "not enough": not drinking enough fluids, not including enough fiber in our diet, not getting enough exercise. Other times, constipation is the result of just "too much": too much stress from diet changes or travelling here and there.
Many people are unaware that constipation is also associated with many prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Surgery, pregnancy or hospital stays are other contributing factors. Ignoring the urge to shit — perhaps because it’s inconvenient at that particular moment, or you’re not at home — is another common cause of constipation. What happens when you ignore the signal to shit? Too much water is absorbed in the colon, and the shit becomes hard and dry, making a shit more difficult. Over time, the nerves tend to stop sending your brain the message "it's time to go" and the shit becomes constipated.

3. Who gets constipated?
Constipation can affect anyone, at any age. Four-and-a-half million people say they are constipated most or all of the time, resulting in more than 2 million doctor visits for constipation problems each year. While adults over 65 report having constipation, women and children are more likely to report having problems. Constipation affects almost everyone at some point in their lives.


At October 6, 2004 at 10:35 AM, Blogger phyebeng said...

my personal record is a week. can anyone here top that?

i've been having that problem since primary school i think. it only became a problem when i spotted blood on the bowl heh. that was 18 years ago. it's much less of a problem now but some days i suddenly come to the realisation that i hadn't 'gone' in 4 days. so yeah kids, drink water, eat yr vegetables and take time away from your books and pcs.

At October 6, 2004 at 3:52 PM, Blogger Daryl said...

PB: no, yours doesn't compare.

At October 7, 2004 at 2:22 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Wow, thanks PB for sharing. I'm glad I'm not the only male to have discovered blood while shitting. If I recall correctly, my first reaction was "Oh my goodness... I'm having PMS???!!!" or something to that extent lar. Hahahhaa. Mana tahu, there was a 'tear' somewhere around my anus. Okok, too much detail. :P

At October 7, 2004 at 11:34 AM, Blogger phyebeng said...

yes we should form some sort of support group where if we see each other we should ask if we've 'done' it this morning and urge each other to take frequent shits. we could call ourselves the 'berak brothers'. of course sisters are invited to join as well but they'd hv their own monicker i guess. dunno err.. the 'shit sisters'?

ok so maybe not.


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