Saturday, November 13, 2004

is this goodbye?

Well, we certainly had out ups and downs together, and now the time may have come to part. Good times including doing laps round Sepang International Circuit. That was fun while it lasted. (My rehearsed reply to everyone who asked how it was) F.Y.I, I broke a ball joint resulting in the automotive equivalent to a severely dislocated shoulder leaving your arm dangling in an unnatural position.

If anyone objects, please speak now. Your opinions will be considered.

In its place, hopefully an AW11 MR2.

It's a melancholy feeling to part with the interplay. Lots of blood sweat and tears and several ringgit to boot. Turns out the interested buyer is the mechanic who did the engine transplant for my car (done by the first owner, i'm the fourth). The intention is to buy it off me and unload it on his customer who wants it for a track car. Like putting a horse out to pasture I guess. Oh well... we'll just see how it goes.


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