Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Can you slam a rotating door?

Alright, readers. Your mission, should you choose to accept is to write your best Chuck Norris testimonial. I'll get the ball rolling...

1. Chuck Norris killed the video star.
2. Crying over spilt milk is when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks you in the nads.
3. The only women Chuck Norris doesn't have sex with are nunchucks

Edit: I think this one is the money...
Stevie Wonder wrote "Superstition" when he saw Chuck Norris.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Big wheel keep on turning
Proud Mary keep on rolling

The Edge reports that there's a new development in the Proton-VW deal to make it more 'palatable' for Proton's shareholders i.e. dastardly UMNOputras. VW will control Proton's international dealer network while Proton will maintain control over the local scene.

In short, Protons will not get cheaper. They can price their cars as they please. The government will still impose cutthroat taxes on all other makes of cars. UMNOputras continue to get richer. Rakyat continues to make Patriotic Monetary Contributions for every automobile purchase.

VW wins by benefiting from Proton’s AFTA status and will be able to distribute its products at just 5% tax within the ASEAN region. They also benefit from a certain deal that Proton has with Japan and should be able to penetrate the Japanese market with minimum tariffs imposed. Coupled with low cost of manufacturing and labour to produce its vehicles in Malaysia, I’d say VW is on the money.

Proton is on the money.

The government is on the money.

What more with the new voluntary (for now) car scrapping policy. RM5000 tops to write off a reliable old banger for a nasty new Proton? Come on. Tell the army to trade in those Nuris instead. They’re about as safe and reliable as your average Proton.

And the rest of us, well seeing as we can’t all afford new cars, and soon our old cars may be scrapped for a mere RM5,000 or less, the only way to get around will be by doing the foot beat. So y’all best start running. I know I have.

I hereby wish to end my post with the words "With All Due Respect", seeing as bloggers who insult and ridicule gonna have their asses hauled. And I don't wanna get my ass hauled.