Thursday, September 30, 2004

reinventing the 6 step

1Warming the floor
2Getting into the groove
3Laying down the moves
4You wanna battle?
5You must be crazy
7Old skool is kool

Gettin' down with the 6step downrock old skool style

1Lift your right hand, and move your left where your hand used to be.
2Move your right leg forward so your knees are close, but keep your left leg where it is.
3Pull your left leg in as your right leg stays where it is.
4Swing your right leg in a WIDE arc kinda like how peeps do that coffee grinder thing Switch hands, so now you're right hand is down, left hand up. Keep your right leg swinging around.
5Your right leg swings around and wraps around your left. You have your face down and both hands on the floor. Extend your left leg first, then your right leg. This is important to making it look right.
6Now you're in the starting position, continue with step 1

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

the lava is swirling
So I've gone and ordered my Reverend. *sigh* Now all I can do is sit and wait. In the mean time, Malaysians may have well landed on the moon.

I'm gonna start an ambient picture for the day. In this box is all the ambience you'll ever need. Honest. Well, figure it out yourself.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Faux History
How do you know that man has landed on the moon? Did you see it with your own eyes? Watching Discovery Channel would have me believe that it was an elaborate hoax. NASA needed, at all costs to best the Soviet Onion in the space race, having already fallen behind on several counts. It was a show of national supremacy.

How do you know that when you divulge your precious credit card details, you will indeed recieve a shiny new Reverend bass finished in Lava Swirl, with a gangsta 2 tone Teardrop Hardcase and a couple of other essential accessories, delivered to the doorstep of your choice.

Did you see the luthier make the guitar? How do you know the website wasn't published by a crook out to make a quick 719USD? How do you know that you'll order one thing and get another? And what will you do if there's a defect? You're miles away and shipping a guitar to the States for repair will buy you a new one here in Malaysia.

Ugh... the pleasure of trying to persuade dad to tumpang me his credit card so that I can buy my bass. I've tried to live this long without plastique, but this makes for a compelling argument.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Many weeks back, I came down with a viral rash known as Pityriasis Rosea. Horrible red splotches all over my body and a brutal itch. All the nasty stuff has since left me save for some faint scarring on my thighs. Also seeming to have left me while I shed all my old skin were my sweat glands. It struck me while standing out in the hot sun one fine day shooting a TV commercial. I was *supposed* to sweat yet my skin remained as dry as a baby's freshly powdered posterior. While people have told me you know... good lar... no sweat better. I always felt uneasy about being any less than normal.

And tonight I played badminton, like I normally used to. After warming up and playing 1 game with the guys, I sat down for a breather, and noticing a vague sheen on my skin, I breathed a sigh of relief (coverlined by my panting). Welcome back to normality.

Friday, September 24, 2004

For some reason, people have been reminding me that my blog has been stagnant for the longest while. And while I've said that I'll blog about some stuff, I've never gotten down to doing it just because I'm lazy. I've even considered having annual sup tulang day, where I'll enjoy a yummy bowl of the aforementioned and blog about it. Maybe even a different mamak every year.

Speaking of which, have you ever got owned by a mamak? Who in the strictest sense of the word isn't really a mamak.

Indian muslim = Mamak
Chinese muslim = ? I'm still not sure. Comments are welcome.

Anyway, went to this Chinese Muslim joint (hereafter known as ?) and sat down with J, DS and G. ? comes along and takes orders

Me: watermelon special, Fish and chips

J: Teh tarik, spaghetti carbonara

DS: Garlic cheese naan, and (some random drink)

G: Mango special. Small.

?: *Repeats orders* Not eating anything?

DS: She's on diet

?: Yeah I think she should.