Thursday, January 06, 2005

how can one person be so stupid?

Introducing Dorcas.

A bad shape group accounts director cum strategic planner with killer dress sense and equally killer IQ.

Killer dress sense
Oversized business suits (she's a skank), huge brooch and fungal pair of oakleys perched on her bangs. (Roll over, William). She apparently has 20 pairs of these sunglasses which she purchased at a Ringgit each or something like that.

Killer IQ
My art director and I were fiddling around with a recruitment ad for our new CD.

Dorcas: What ad is that?

Me: It's an ad for the new CD.

Dorcas: Wow! Who is he?

Me: I don't know.

Dorcas: Is it an ad to welcome the new CD?

Me: -_-;

Brian (the CD) when told the story says he's pissed that he never got a welcome ad.

Note: I had to put space between "that" name and all surrounding text so as not to contaminate my name, my blog, the colour grey and the font Verdana.