Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One would think the Arsenal of Bloggers being sensible, mature person(s?) and champion of the politics of the working class would have outgrown childish pursuits like TAG. Ugh. So now it seems I'm supposed to write 6 weird things about myself because Pazuzu TAGGED me. I think Pazuzu should take the bus instead of cabs. What do you call a turd on a bus? (Mystery prize awaits every correct guess)

Weird things about myself

I do a pretty good impersonation of a tree. Looking for a tree hugger. Only females need apply.
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5. I am a writer. I hate to write. I only write to get paid. I only started blogging to earn the adoration of my legion of female fans. Then I found I had male fans as well. I quit blogging. Pazuzu has a legion of female fans (only). Pazuzu tagged me. I start blogging again. I think the turd should take the bus.

4. I never wash my towel. After I bathe, I am the cleanest thing in the house. Towelling myself dry makes my towel cleaner.

3. I don't like mushy fruits. Crunchy fruits are OK. But I generally don't like fruits all that much.

2. Every time I walk into Ikea, I feel like stealing the books on the bookshelves. Yes they're all in Swedish. No I can't read Swedish. Why? I intend to ebay them off to Swedishes. If caught and questioned, I'll just start yelling loudly in Swedish.

Guard: Berhenti!

Me: Saab?

Guard: Apasal lu curi buku?

Me: Saab?

Guard: Lu bodoh ke apa?

Me: Saab.

Guard: Mari ikut saya ke balai.

Me: (While running) Saab!!

1. What do you mean I'm weird???